Two Friends. Some Games. And a Dream.

It was all Kennedy’s fault. Most things are.

She started this wacky dream in 2015 when she had heard about a design conference in St. Louis. The conference was Design Day put on annually by Stonemaier Games.

Kennedy decided that she was going to design a game and bring it to the conference, and she tricked convinced John to help. And, just like that Age of Adventure Games was born.

We didn’t make a game for Stonemaier’s Design Day, we made two. We brought a mountain climbing game called Seven Summits and a 1950’s Formula 1 racing game called The Undercut. They played fine, but were ultimately shelved for a variety of reasons.

But the fire was lit.

We continue to design games, but we realized that a site dedicated to game design has not only been done – it’s been done better. Therefore, we decided to use this platform to discuss some of the behind the scenes fun of building a game design business. We talk games, of course, but we also talk business – marketing, finance, production, etc.

Real sexy important stuff.

Stuff we all need to know and most of us need help with. John runs a business (see below), but we certainly don’t know everything. This project is aimed at showing you our struggles, our triumphs, and everything we learn along the way.

The benefit is entirely yours. If we succeed, you learn from our success. If we fail, you learn from our failure.

You’re welcome.

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John Baker (Warmonger)

When John was a young man, growing up with reality TV, he declared that if he ever appeared on television he would have the title “Warmonger.” Therefore, when he helped found Age of Adventure Games, he did so with the caveat that his official title would be Warmonger. The title is fun and only somewhat accurate.

John’s an attorney (hence why Warmonger is somewhat accurate). He runs a small practice focusing on personal injury work. He’s married with two young monsters children. His wife tolerates embraces his varied interests, which range from video games to motorcycles.

He’s been playing games for as long as he can remember. His father taught him Gin and Chess at a young age, and he played Careers with his grandma. He gravitates towards racing games and social games (he likes accusing people of being Cylons).

Fun facts about John: He once declared he was going to be a train when he grew up, and he refers to himself as a Corgi (the dog). (To put this in perspective, his wife claims to be a pit bull – who’s the warmonger, now? JK, honey)

Kennedy Gerber (Loose Cannon)

“Loose Cannon” is not really a title – more of a warning. Kennedy is the primary designer in this dynamic duo. She’s the inspiration behind every game created by Age of Adventure Games to date.

She has had a lifetime love of stories. She has, on many occasions, declared that she would like to be a bard, travelling around collecting and sharing stories. This love of stories naturally developed into an interest in television and movies. Before games, she wanted to be involved in film. She’s written a number of screenplays and created a few short films.

Her latest passion has been travel, declaring that she would visit a new country every year starting in 2015. In fact, she spent five weeks in Europe last summer. She toured battlefields and castles, and she evened climbed Mount Snowden, the highest mountain in England. You’ll be happy to know that her declaration is still going strong thanks to a short trip to Canada in 2016 for the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix (though, we all agree that going to Canada was cheating. I mean, it’s right there).

She has been playing games since she was young and has an extensive game collection (well over 100 games).

Fun fact about Kennedy: her secret desire is to be a process server. For some reason, she is fascinated with the idea of delivering court papers. Though, her dream usually has more to do with disguises than actually serving people.

If any of this has piqued your interest (and we know it has), feel free to email us at